Bathroom Vanities, Brisbane

  • Vanity with drawers.
  • 900-vanity-floor-type-image-2-doors
  • Soft close drawers
  • Image of stone color.
  • Vanity basin.
  • Mixer tap which sits on vanity basin.
  • Handle selection

Brisbane Vanities”. (Bathroom)

A division of

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We have a massive choice of vanities to choose from for your bathroom at Brisbane Vanities, or we can custom built to suit your needs.

Standards bathroom vanities are normally white gloss cabinets in either white gloss melamine or white gloss 2 PAC.

Many of our stock items can be made for you within two days but others specialty items can take up to three weeks to fabricate.

At Brisbane vanities, we manufacture any and every vanity you could possibly require for your bathroom, but as always, clean lines are mostly required for good reasons and are the most popular.

On this site,

you can design your own vanity.

  1. You can place your basin where ever you want, (center, right, or left. in the bench-top )
  2. You can select your doors (usually white 2 pac or white gloss melamine or you can have any door you desire.
  3. You can place your drawers to the right or left in the cabinet.
  4. You can choose your bench-top (usually stone) but whatever you wish.
  5. You can select your vanity basin, from us, or provide your own.
  6. You can select you handles, (from us, or from our supplier).
  7. You can select your tap, (from us, or from our supplier).

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vanity selections and accessories.

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